Economic Factor

Forestry :
Fertile tropical forests are normally located in Amphur Khukhan, Amphur Khun Han and Amphur Kantharalak.

Livestock :
Pig and chicken formings are outstanding, but only as a secondary source of incomes.

Paddy rice farming :
Paddy and gluneous rice farming is widely found in the province, not only for consumption, but for sale.

Fishery :
The Moon River including mountain streams, natural ponds and irrigation dams are major sources of fishing.

Industry :
Industrial factories found in Sisaket include timber mills, jute mills, paddy rice mills, cassava mills, ice-making plants and stone-grinding mills. The family industries are silk cloth weaving, cotton weaving, reed mat weaving, loom making, wood carving, metal works, gifts making, palm leaf basket and dyeing.

Commerce :
Local products and agricultural produces are directly sold in markets mostly located in town and puplic healths.